Top Tip Thursday

Top Tip Thursday

Keep Your Towels Soft!

  • Do you tumble dry your towels? 
  • Do you notice excessive fluff build up in your dryer?

If you love your fabric softener and you like to use more than the required then stop or reduce immediately!! 

When it comes to washing towels, fabric softener should be given the boot!! 

To see what happens, take one of your towels hold it vertically and pour a glass of water on the towel. You will notice that most of the water flows off the towel rather than being absorbed!  Fabric softener is popular because it helps keep clothes soft, fresh-smelling and static-free. It also helps clothing retain its shape and colour. Fabric softener is created from a silicone oil. During a wash cycle, this oil latches onto towel fibres and makes them slippery, greasy and less absorbent.  Since the purpose of a towel is to absorb water, this is a problem.

As an alternative to fabric softener try below the vinegar tip:

Vinegar is a laundry workhorse superstar! 

Use 1/4 cup of distilled white vinegar in the fabric softener compartment of your machine – it softens towels and helps removes bacteria, a much better option than coating your towels with synthetic chemicals. 

If you want fragrance, you can add a drop or two of pure essential oil to your laundry balls. I have a dedicated washcloth that I add a few drops of essential oil too and toss it in with my towels as kind of a fabric softener sheet.

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