KN95 Face Mask (Respirator Mask)


Protective KN95 Face Mask offers 95% Filtration designed to protect you from inhaling airborne particles, droplets or pollution

    • Medical Grade Surgical Face Mask
    • 3 Layer Filtration
    • Soft & Lightweight
    • Breathable
    • Covers the nose and mouth with an adjustable nose clip to ensure correct fit
    • Premium Quality Material

The KN95 Face Mask also offers you peace of mind as it’s Anti- Bacterial; Anti-Allergies; Anti-Droplet; Anti-Pollen; Anti-Dust; Anti-Pollution protection

Sold in a box of 10 KN95 Face Masks

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KN95 Face Mask (Respirator Mask)

KN95 Face Mask

What is the difference between a KN95 Mask and a Surgical Mask?

A KN95 Face Mask is designed to stop 95% of particles >0.3 microns in size.  It is designed to prevent the wearer from inhaling any airbourne particles or droplets, particularly very fine particles or droplets suspended in the air which are called aerosols.

A Surgical Mask is designed to primarily protect a patient from the exhaled droplets of the wearer’s nose and mouth.  It can provide the wearer with some protection against larger droplets but is not as effective against finer aerosols.

This document from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre is a guidance in the use of Face Masks for the General Public


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